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Fundamentals of Soft Matter Science, 2nd Edition 2019
Linda S. Hirst  Purchase from CRC press 

Handbook of Liquid Crystals 2nd Edition,
Ed. Goodby et al. Vol 6 and 7 , Chapters on “Lipid Self Assembly” and “Biomembranes”(Wiley VCH) 2014 – Purchase from Wiley


Controlling Chaos: Periodic Defect Braiding in Active Nematics Confined to a Cardioid – Fereshteh L. Memarian, Derek Hammar, Md Mainul Hasan Sabbir, Mark Elias, Kevin A. Mitchell, and Linda S. Hirst, Phys. Rev. Lett. 132, 228301 (2024) Link.

Surfing, sweeping, and assembly of particles by a moving liquid crystal phase boundary, T. Shneer, J. Ochoa, A.C. Wheeler, I. C. Reyes, C. Joshi, B.J. Stokes, L. S. Hirst, T. J. Atherton, ArXiv  2304.09118 (2024)

Effect of internal energy depletion on active nematic texture and dynamics, Fereshteh L. Memarian & Linda S. Hirst   Liquid Crystals, 50:7-10, 1123-1128, (2023)

Forming, confining and observing microtubule-based active nematics, F. L. Memarian, D.A. Khaladj, D. Hammer and L.S. Hirst, JOVE,  10.3791/64287 (2023).

Using Curved Fluid Boundaries to Confine Active Nematic Flows D.A. Khaladj and L.S. Hirst, FRONT. PHYS. vol 10, (2022) Link

Active nematic order and dynamic lane formation of microtubules driven by membrane bound diffusing motors Fereshteh L. Memarian, Joseph D. Lopes, Fabian Jan Schwarzendahl, Madhuvanthi Guruprasad Athani, Ajay GopinathanNiranjan Sarpangala, Daniel A. Beller, Kinjal Dasbiswas, Linda S. Hirst, PROC. NATL. ACAD. SCI. (2021) Link

Directional, Low-Energy Driven Thermal Actuating Bilayer Enabled by Coordinated Submolecular Switching Michael Leveille, Xinyuan Shen, Wenxin Fu, Ke Jin, Muharrem Acerce, Changchun Wang, Jacqueline Bustamante, Anneka Miller Casas, Yuan Feng, Nien-Hui Ge, Linda S. Hirst, Sayantani Ghosh, Jennifer Qing Lu, ADV. SCI. (2021) Link

Submersed Micropatterned Structures Control Active Nematic Flow, Topology and Concentration Kristian Thijssen, Dimitrius Khaladj, S. Ali Aghvami, Mohamed Amine Gharbi, Seth Fraden, Julia M. Yeomans, Linda S. Hirst, Tyler N. Shendruk, PROC. NATL. ACAD. SCI.  118 (38) (2021) Link

Structural Characteristics and Proton Conductivity of the Gel Within the Electrosensory Organs of Cartilaginous Fishes Molly Phillips, Alauna Wheeler, Matthew J Robinson, Valerie Leppert, Manping Jia, Marco Rolandi, Linda S Hirst, Chris T Amemiya, ISCIENCE, August 03, (2021)

Colloidal aggregation in anisotropic liquid crystal solvent

Devika G. Sudha, Jocelyn Ochoa and Linda S. Hirst, Soft Matter (2021)  

Fractal generation in a two-dimensional active-nematic fluid Kevin Mitchell, Amanda Tan, Jorge Arteaga and Linda S. Hirst, CHAOS, Chaos 31, 073125 (2021);

Evidence of Chitin in the Ampullae of Lorenzini of Chondrichthyan Fishes, Molly Phillips, B.S.; W. Joyce Tang; Matthew Robinson; Daniel Ocampo Daza; Khan Hassan; Valerie Leppert; Linda S. Hirst; Chris T. Amemiya, CURRENT BIOLOGY, 30,  20, PR1254-R1255, October 19, (2020) Link

Directed assembly of magnetic and semiconducting nanoparticles with tunable and synergistic functionality, Mark BartoloJose Amaral, Linda S. Hirst and S Ghosh, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9, Article number: 15784 (2019) Link

Topological chaos in active nematics, Amanda J. Tan, Eric Roberts, Spencer Smith, Ulyses Alvarado, Jorge Arteaga, Sam Fortini, Kevin Mitchell, and Linda S. Hirst, Aug 5th, NATURE PHYSICS (2019) Link

Using epoxy-based lithography to probe confinement effects on active nematics Dimitrius A. Khaladj, Amanda J. Tan and Linda S. Hirst, Proc. SPIE 11092, Liquid Crystals XXIII, 110920F (2019) Link

Membrane mediated motor kinetics in microtubule gliding assays, Joseph Lopes, David A. Quint, Dail E. Chapman, Melissa Xu, Ajay Gopinathan and Linda S. Hirst, 9:9584, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS (2019) Link

New Promesogenic Ligands for Microencapsulation by Quantum Dots via Nematic Templating, Amir Keshavarz, Sheida T. Riahinasab, Linda S. Hirst and Benjamin J. Stokes, ACS APPL. NANOMAT, 24, 2542-2547(2019)  Link

Nanoparticle-based hollow microstructures formed by two-stage nematic nucleation and phase separation, Sheida T. Riahinasab, Amir Keshavarz, Charles N. Melton, Ahmed ElbaradeiGabrielle I. Warren, Robin L.B. Selinger, Benjamin J. Stokes and Linda S. Hirst NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 10, Article number: 894 (2019) Link

“Free-energy model for nanoparticle self-assembly by liquid crystal sorting” Noe Atzin, Orlando Guzman, and Oscar Gutierrez, L.S. Hirst and S. Ghosh, PHYS. REV. E. 97, 062704  (2018) Link

“Phase-transition-driven nanoparticle assembly in liquid crystal droplets” Charles N. Melton, Sheida T. Riahinasab, Amir Keshavarz, Benjamin J. Stokes and Linda S. Hirst, NANOMATERIALS, 8, 146 (2018). Link

“Deformation and chaining of flexible shells in a nematic solvent” Andrew DeBenedictis, Timothy J. Atherton, Andrea L. Rodarte, Linda S. Hirst, , 97, 032701, PHYS. REV. E (2018) Link

“Plasmon-actuated nano-assembled microshells” M. Quint, S. Sarang, D. Quint, A. Keshavarz, B. Stokes, A. Balasubramaniam, K.C. Huang, A. Gopinathan, L.S. Hirst, and S. Ghosh, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7, 17788 (2017) Link

“Active Matter in Biology”, Linda S. HirstNATURE, News and Views544, 7649,  164-164 (2017) Link

“liquid crystal composites as a route to 3d nanoparticle assembly” Linda S Hirst, Sheida T. Riahinasab and Charles N. Melton, 16 June 2017, SPIE Newsroom. DOI: 10.1117/2.1201702.006865 Link

“Nanoparticle microstructures templated by liquid crystal phase-transition dynamics” Sheida T. Riahinasab, Ahmed Elbaradei, Amir Keshavarz, Benjamin J. Stokes, Linda S. Hirst, , Proc. of SPIE Vol. 10125, 1012503 (2017) Link

“Understanding the role of transport velocity in biomotor-powered microtubule spool assembly” A.J. Tan, D.E. Chapman, L.S. Hirst and J. Xu, RSC Adv. 6, 79143-79147 (2016) Link

“Effect of mesogenic ligands on short and long-term spectral dynamics and stability of core-shell CdSe/ZnS quantum dots”  J. Amaral, E. Betady, M. Quint, D. Martin, T. Riahinasab, L.S. Hirst and S. Ghosh, MATER. RES. EXP. Vol 3, No. 10 (2016) Link

“A Simple Experimental Model to Investigate Force Range for Membrane Nanotube Formation” C. Lor, J. D. Lopes, M. K. Mattson-Hoss, J. Xu and L. S. Hirst, FRONTIERS IN MATERIALS, BIOMATERIALS, 3, 6 (2016) Link

“Low concentrations of docosahexanoic acid significantly modify membrane structure and phase behavior”
C. Lor and L.S. Hirst, MEMBRANES, 5(4), 857-874 (2015)  Link

“Optical switching of nematic liquid crystal film arising from induced electric field of localized surface plasmon resonance” M. T. Quint, S. Delgado, J. H. Paredes, L. S. Hirst, and S. Ghosh, PROC. SPIE 9547, Plasmonics: Metallic Nanostructures and Their Optical Properties XIII, 9547299547 (2015) Link

“Quantum dot/liquid crystal nanocomposites in photonic devices” A. R. Rodarte, F. Cisneros, J.E. Hein, S. Ghosh and L.S. Hirst, PHOTONICS, 2(3), 855-864  (2015) Link

Self-assembled nanoparticle micro-shells templated by liquid crystal sorting”A. R. Rodarte, B.H. Cao, H. Panesar, R.J. Pandolfi, M. Quint, L. Edwards, S. Ghosh, J.E. Hein and L.S. Hirst, SOFT MATTER,11, 1701-1707  (2015) Link

“Magnetic field induced brightening in liquid crystal synergized magnetic and semiconducting nanoparticle composite assemblies
J. Amaral, J. Wan, A. Rodarte, M. Quint, R.J. Pandolfi, M. Scheibner, L.S. Hirst, S. Ghosh,  SOFT MATTER,11, 255-260 (2015). Link 

“All optical switching of nematic liquid crystal films driven by localized surface plasmons” M.T. Quint, S. Delgado, Z.S. Nuno, L.S. Hirst and S. Ghosh, OPTICS EXPRESS, 23,5, 6888 (2015) Link

“Stability and instability for low refractive-index-contrast particle trapping in a dual-beam optical trap” A. Huff, C.N. Melton,  L.S. Hirst and J.E. Sharping, BIOMEDICAL OPTICS EXPRESS,  6 (10), 3812-3819 (2015) Link

“An Analytic Toolbox for Simulated Filament Networks
R.J. Pandolfi, L. Edwards and L.S. Hirst, Mrss14-1688-y05-18 Spring 2014 MRS proceedings (2014) Link

“Dye sensitized cholesteric liquid crystalline photonic luminescent solar concentrator”
A.L. Rodarte, F. Cisneros, L.S. Hirst and S. Ghosh, LIQUID CRYSTALS, 41, 10, (2014) Link

“Designing highly tunable semi-flexible filament networks”
R. J. Pandolfi, L. Edwards, D. Johnston, P. Becich and L.S. Hirst, PHYS. REV. E. 89, 062602(2014) Link

“Tuning quantum dot organization in liquid crystal for robust photonics applications”
A.L. Rodarte, Z.S. Nuno, B.H. Cao, R. J. Pandolfi, M. Quint, S. Ghosh, J. Hein and L.S. Hirst, CHEM PHYS CHEM, Volume 15Issue 7,  pages 1413–1421, (2014) Link

“Quantum dot/liquid crystal composite materials: Self-assembly driven by liquid crystal phase transition templating”
A. L. Rodarte, R. J. Pandolfi, S. Ghosh and L.S. Hirst, J. MATER. CHEM. C. 1, 5527-5532 (2013) Link

“Morphology transition in lipid vesicles due to in-plane order and topological defects”
L.S. Hirst, A. Ossowski, M. Fraser, J. Geng, J.V. Selinger and R.L.B. Selinger, PROC. NATL. ACAD. SCI. 110 (9) 3242-3247 (2013) Link

“Fiber-optic trap-on-a-chip platform for probing low refractive index contrast biomaterials”
T.M. Pinon, A. Castelli, L.S. Hirst and J.E. Sharping, APPLIED OPTICS, 52 (11), 2340 – 2345 (2013) Link

“Stability of dual-beam fiber-optical traps for low refractive index contrast particles”
J. E. Sharping, T.M. Pinon and L.S. Hirst, CLEO: Applications and Technology, OSA Technical Digest, Optical Society of America, (2013) Link

“Dynamics of spontaneous emission of quantum dots in a one-dimensional cholesteric liquid crystal photonic cavity”
A.L. Rodarte, G. Shcherbatyuk, L.Shcherbatyuk, L.S. Hirst and S. Ghosh, RSC ADVANCES, (2012) Link

“Optical trapping and stretching of lipid vesicles”
T.M. Pinon, L.S. Hirst and J.E. Sharping, CLEO: Applications and Technology, OSA Technical Digest, Optical Society of America ATh1M.4 (2012)Link

“Directed assembly and in-situ manipulation of semiconductor quantum dots in liquid crystal matricies”
A. Rodarte, C.G.L. Ferri, C. Grey, L.S. Hirst and S. Ghosh, EMERGING LIQUID CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGIES VII: Proceedings of SPIE, 8279H(2012) Link

“Spectral and polarization modulation of quantum dot emission in a one-dimensional liquid crystal photonic cavity”
A. Rodarte, C. Grey, L.S. Hirst and S. Ghosh, PHYS REV B, 85, 035430 (2012) Link

“Optical design and efficiency improvement for organic luminescent solar concentrators”

“Phase behavior and critical phenomena in ternary lipid mixtures”
L.S. Hirst, P. Uppamoochikkal and C. Lor, LIQUID CRYSTALS,Vol. 38, 11-12, 1735-1747(2011) Link

“Fiber based dual beam optical trapping system for studying lipid vesicle mechanics”
T.M. Pinon, L.S. Hirst and J.E. Sharping, Optical trapping applications, OSA Technical Digest, Optical Society of America OTTuB2 (2011) Link

“Functionalized SnO2 nanobelt field effect transistor sensors for label-free deterction of cardiac troponin”
Y. Cheng, K.S. Chen, N.L. Meyer, J. Yuan, L.S. Hirst, P. B. Chase and P. Xiong, BIOSENSORS AND BIOELECTRONICS, 26,11, 4538-4544 (2011).Link

“Polymorphism of highly cross-linked F-actin Networks: probing multiple lengthscales”
L.T. Nguyen and L.S. Hirst,, PHYS. REV. E 83. 031910 (2011). Link

“Steric stabilization of the ferrielectric intermediate liquid crystal phases by dopant induced conformational change”
J. Kirchhoff and L.S. Hirst, , LIQUID CRYSTALS, 38 (3) 255-261 (2011). Link

“Electrical modulation of static and dynamic spectroscopic properties of coupled GaSe quantum dot assemblies”
Y.K. Verma, R.H. Inman, C.G.L. Ferri, H. Mirafzal, S.N. Ghosh, D.F. Kelley, L.S. Hirst, W.C. Chin and S. Ghosh, PHYS. REV. B 82, 165428 (2010)Link

Modification of the electro-optical properties of the B1 liquid crystal phase using a rod-like liquid crystal dopant”
J. Kirchhoff and L.S. Hirst, PHYS. REV. E, 82, 031701 (2010). Link

“Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Coil-Rod-Coil Molecules with Lateral Methyl and Ethyl Groups in the Center of the Rod Segment”
L. Tian, K-L Zhong, Y. Liu, Z. Huang L. Y. Jin and L.S. Hirst, SOFT MATTER, DOI: 10.1039/C0SM00147C (2010) Link

“Supramolecular honeycomb and columnar assemblies formed by self-assembly of coil-rod-coil molecules with a conjugated rod segment”
L. Chen, K-L. Zhong, L. Y. Jin, Z. Huang, L. Liu and L.S. Hirst, MACROMOL. RES., 18 (8) p 800-805 (2010) PDF

“Quantum dot self-assembly in liquid crystal media”
L.S. Hirst, J. Kirchhoff, R. Inman and S. Ghosh, PROC. OF SPIE, Conference on Emerging Liquid Crystal Technologies Vol. 7618 76180F-1 (2010). PDF

“Light induced Liquid Crystalline Phases in the Lipid Bilayer”
J. Yuan and L.S. Hirst, MOL. CRYST. LIQ. CRYST. 508, 67-76 (2009) Link

“The effects of fluorescent probes on model membrane organization: Photo-induced lipid Sorting and Soft Structure Formation”
L.S. Hirst and J. Yuan, LIQUID CRYSTALS ,36, 6, 739 ( 2009) Link

“Molecular Dynamics Simulation of F-actin reveals the role of cross-linkers in semi-flexible filament assembly”
L. T. Nguyen, W. Yang, Q. Wang and L.S. Hirst, SOFT MATTER, 5, 2033 – 2036 (2009) Link

“Solution synchrotron x-ray diffraction reveals structural details of lipid domains in ternary mixtures”
J. Yuan, A. Kiss, Y.H. Pramudya, L.T. Nguyen and L.S. Hirst, PHYS. REV. E. 79 (3) 031924 (2009) Link

“Lipid Bilayer Discs and Banded Tubules: Photo-induced Lipid Sorting in Ternary Mixtures”
J. Yuan, S. Hira, G. Strouse and L.S. Hirst, J. AM. CHEM. SOC. 130 (6), 2067 -2072, 2008, Link

“Investigation into Liquid Crystalline SmC* Sub-phase Stability using Chiral and Achiral Dopants”
J. Kirchhoff and L.S. Hirst, PHYS. REV. E, 76, 051704 (2007). Link

“Cationic Lipid Absorption on Titanium: A Counter-ion Mediated Bilayer to Lipid-Tubule-Network Transition
J. Yuan , E.R. Parker and L.S. Hirst, LANGMUIR. (2007) 23(14) 7462-7465. Link

“Low Electric-Field Induced Switching in the B1 Bent-Core Liquid Crystal Phase”
J. Kirchhoff, K.M. Fergusson, M. Hird and L.S. Hirst, APPL. PHYS. LETT. 90, 161905 (2007). Link

“Remarkably wide four-layer smectic phases in mixtures of liquid crystals and highly chiral dopants”
S. Jaradat. N.W. Roberts, Y. Wang, L.S. Hirst and H.F. Gleeson, J. MATER. CHEM . 38, 3753-3761 (2006) Link

“Resonant x-ray Scattering: a tool for structure elucidation in liquid crystals”
H.F.Gleeson and L.S. Hirst, CHEM PHYS CHEM, 7, 321-328 (2006) Link

“Biaxiality and temperature dependence of 3- and 4-layer intermediate smectic-phase structures as revealed by resonant x-ray scattering”
N. Roberts, S. Jaradat, L. S. Hirst, M. Thurlow, Y. Wang, S.T. Wang, Z. Lui, C.C. Huang, J. Bai, R. Pindak & H.F. Gleeson, EUROPHYS. LETT. 72 (6), 976-982 (2005) Link

Hierarchical self-assembly of actin bundle networks: gels with surface protein skin layers” L.S. Hirst, R. Pynn, R. Bruinsma and C.R.Safinya, J. CHEM. PHYS. 123, 104902 (2005) Link

“Microchannel systems in titanium and silicon for structural and mechanical studies of aligned protein self-assemblies”
L.S. Hirst, E. Parker, Z. Abu Samah, Y. Li, R. Pynn, N.C. MacDonald and C.R. Safinya. LANGMUIR, 21, 3910-3914 (2005) Link

“Bulk titanium microfluidic networks for protein self-assembly studies”
E.R. Parker, L.S. Hirst, C.R. Safinya and N.C. MacDonaldMicro total analysis systems 2005 : proceedings of [Mu] TAS 2005 : Ninth International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, October 9-13, (2005) PDF

“Ordering of Filamentous Proteins and Associated Molecules through Confinement in Micro-arrays”
N.F. Bouxsein, Z. Abu-Samah, L.S. Hirst, N. Mcdonald, R. Pynn, Y. Li and C.R. Safinya. APPL. PHYS. LETT. 85 (23), 5775, (2004). Link

“Resonant Scattering from Liquid Crystal Devices: An in-situ Structural Probe for the Smectic Phases”
L.S. Hirst. Liquid Crystals Today, Invited Article, Dec 2004. Link

“Skin Layer at the Actin-Gel Surface with Flat, Crumpled and Tubular Morphologies”
L.S. Hirst and C.R. Safinya PHYS. REV. LETT. 93, 018101 (2004) Link

“Structure of Actin Cross-linked with Alpha-actinin: A Network of Bundles”
O. Pelletier, E. Pokidysheva, L.S. Hirst, N. Bouxsein, Y. Li, and C. R. Safinya PHYS. REV. LETT. 91, 14 (2003). (Featured on the Cover of PRL and as an SSRL Science highlight) Link

“Interlayer structures of the chiral smectic liquid crystal phases revealed by x-ray resonant scattering”
L.S. Hirst, S.J.Watson, H.F.Gleeson, P. Cluzeau, P. Barois, R. Pindak, P. Mach, J. Pitney, P. Johnson, C.C. Huang, G. Srajer, J. Pollmann, A-M. Levelut, and W. Caleibe. PHYS. REV. E. 65 (4): art. no. 041705 Part 1 APR 2002 Link

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S.J. Watson, L.J. Baylis, L.S. Matkin, N. Bowring, H.F. Gleeson. PHYS. REV. E. 65 (3): art. no. 031705 Part 1 MAR 2002 Link

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A. Cady, J.A. Pitney, R. Pindak, L.S. Matkin, S.J. Watson, H.F. Gleeson, P. Cluzeau, P. Barois, A-M. Levelut, W. Caleibe, J.W. Goodby, M. Hird and C.C. Huang, PHYS. REV. E. 64 (5): art. no. 050702 Part 1 NOV 2001 Link

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L.S. Matkin, S.J. Watson, H.F. Gleeson, R. Pindak, J.A. Pitney, P. Barois, A-M. Levelut, G. Srajer and J. Pollmann. PHYS. REV. E 64 (2): art. no. 021705 Part 1 AUG 2001 Link

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L.S. Matkin, H.F. Gleeson, L.J. Baylis, S.J. Watson and N. Bowring. APPL. PHYS. LETT. Vol 77, No 3 (17th July 2000) Link

“Resonant scattering at the Se edge in liquid crystal free-standing films and devices”
L.S. Matkin, H.F. Gleeson, P. Mach, C.C. Huang, R. Pindak, G. Srajer, J. Pollmann, J.W. Goodby, M. Hird and A. Seed. APPL. PHYS. LETT. Vol 76, No 14 (3rd April 2000) Link

Soft Matter and biophysics at the University of California, Merced