Group members

Devika Gireesan Sudha

Devika is a physics graduate student focusing on liquid crystal nano composites and aggregation in liquid crystals.

Rayner Hernandez-Perez

Rayner is a physics graduate student working on lung surfactants.

Jocelyn Ochoa

Jocelyn is a chemistry graduate student working with liquid crystal nano composites and lung surfactants.

Fereshteh Memarian

Fereshteh is a graduate student working on active matter with microtubules and molecular motors.

Amanda Tan

Amanda  is a physics graduate student working on active matter using microtubules and molecular motors. Her current project is in collaboration with Kevin Mitchell at UC Merced.

Dimitrus Khaladj

Dimitrius is a physics graduate student using microfabrication to study active matter.

Alauna Wheeler

Alauna is a Physics graduate student interested in phase behavior in liquid crystals.

Undergraduate students

Mimi Luong

Abigail is collaborating with Amanda Tan on the microtubule project, investigating active materials.

Ibrahim Abu-Hijleh

Ibrahim is taking part in the Maces REU summer program and working on a project using liquid crystal nano-assembly.

Soft Matter and biophysics at the University of California, Merced