Group members

Joe Lopes

Joe is a physics graduate student working on active matter. He is currently looking at the role of membrane fluidity on kinesin based transport and collaborating with Profs Jing Xu and Ajay Gopinathan at UC Merced.

Sheida Riahinasab

Sheida is a physics graduate student working on liquid crystal/nanoparticle composites.

Amanda Tan

Amanda  is a physics graduate student working on active matter using microtubules and molecular motors. Her current project is in collaboration with Kevin Mitchell at UC Merced.

Dimitrus Khaladj

Dimitrius is a physics graduate student using microfabrication to study active matter.

Alauna Wheeler

Alauna is a Physics graduate student interested in phase behavior in soft matter.

Undergraduate students

Mimi Luong

Abigail is collaborating with Amanda Tan on the microtubule project, investigating active materials.

Ibrahim Abu-Hijleh

Ibrahim is taking part in the Maces REU summer program and working on a project using liquid crystal nano-assembly.



Soft Matter and biophysics at the University of California, Merced